5 Important Questions About Cannabis Terpenes Answered

1. Can Terpenes Get You High?

The answer to this frequently asked question is a complex one. The short and easy answer is no, terpenes won’t get you high. At least, not in the way we think of the effects of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Like CBD, terpenes alone don’t produce a psychoactive effect when consumed. However, the various compounds in your favorite varieties of cannabis might have a combined effect on how you feel when consuming.

Some scientists call this the “entourage effect,” which refers to the concert of compounds found in the cannabis plant and how they make us feel. Currently, the scientific data for the entourage effect is lacking. However, as policy reform in the cannabis space continues to advance, more studies should follow. This research could lead to a deeper understanding of terpenes and it could be the key to unlocking the vast and seemingly untapped potential that the plant possesses.

2. How Can Terpenes Be Used?

Terpenes have a vast amount of potential uses, not just in cannabis. Terpenes derived from plants can add a unique flavor to food or drinks. Educating someone who might oppose cannabis about the interesting world of terpenes can change their mind. For example, craft brewers are infusing terpenes into their beers to give beverages a taste that is unique to cannabis. Because of their naturally pleasing aroma, terpenes like limonene have also been used in household cleaners. Pinene is derived from wood turpentine, a distilled liquid that is often used to clean paintbrushes.

3. Does Heat Impact Terpenes?

Of course! From what we know about them currently, terpenes are volatile. Some terpenes can evaporate at room temperature. The point of combustion may cause the potential benefits of terpenes to be lost. This is why some cannabis advocates favor vaporization, as using a vaporizer with your cannabis can maintain its terpene profile and better preserve any potential benefits. Common terpenes found in cannabis, like linalool and terpineol, have boiling points that range from 388℉ to 425℉.

4. Will I Know Which Terpenes Are in My Favorite Cannabis?

A quality Los Angeles Recreational Marijuana Dispensary will stock its shelves with cannabis from producers that display the terpenes of individual cultivars right on the container. Some of the best cannabis companies display this information directly on their website. As you discover which terpene flavors and aromas you prefer, you will also broaden your knowledge of cannabis.

5. Are Terpenes Dangerous?

As with other questions on this list, the answer will need more scientific data. It is possible, at high temperatures, for terpenes to produce potentially dangerous toxicants. When consuming any kind of cannabis—flower, concentrate, or edibles—it is best to take it slow and vape at lower temperatures.


Terpenes—The Flavor and Aroma Behind Your Favorite Cannabis

The science behind terpenes is unclear and the data is lacking due to the lack of research into these compounds. However, one thing is certain: When you notice and love a distinctly skunky, fruity, or diesel-like flavor and aroma when you consume cannabis, you have terpenes to thank for it.

Want to learn more about Terpenes? Stop by a Los Angeles Recreational Marijuana Dispensary and ask a knowledgeable budtender!