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Ingesting cannabis in edible forms like candy, cookies, brownies, and more may provide slightly different effects from smoking or vaping cannabis. Because edibles can be highly potent, getting the proper dosage for your personal preferences can be tricky. City Compassionate Caregivers has been expertly serving the local community California’s best cannabis products since 2006. You’ll find a wide variety of high-quality, accurately-labeled cannabis edibles at CCC, Downtown LA’s most experienced cannabis dispensary.

Choosing Edibles Over Vaping Or Smoking

Eating or drinking cannabis-infused products may result in more potent, longer-lasting effects than smoking or vaping. There are several reasons that this difference in effects might occur:

  1. Eating or drinking cannabis allows THC to be processed by the liver instead of the lungs. While smoking or vaping may cause immediate effects, it may take 45 minutes or up to three hours to experience the full effects of cannabis edibles. Once digested, you may notice that edibles keep you higher for longer in a way that might promote relaxation.


  1. When cannabis is burned or heated in a vaporizer, many beneficial cannabinoids are destroyed, removing some of the psychotropic effects and potential physical and mental benefits. But the process of infusing cannabis into edible products may leave more of those cannabinoids intact for a more well-rounded experience and possibly increase medicinal benefits.


  1. Edibles at CCC may provide different kinds of effects than inhaling cannabis. Some people experience very different results when eating or drinking cannabis products than when they smoke or vape. The effects of edibles might range from physical sensations to mental and emotional changes. Specific effects depend on the strain used in the edible and how your body chemistry reacts with various terpenes and cannabinoid levels in that strain. If the edible is made with distillate, it may also provide less of a full-spectrum effect than if the edibles are infused with rosin or live resin.

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Potential Health Benefits of Edibles

People who prefer cannabis edibles often enjoy the added intensity and extended length of effects they offer compared to smoking or vaping cannabis. Cannabis edibles at CCC are available in both medical and recreational marijuana products. Typically, cannabis edibles contains higher CBD content than recreational products if they’re meant more-so for potential medicinal effects. Recreational products may have higher levels of THC. Either way, edibles in California have a THC limit of 10 milligrams per serving and 100 milligrams per package for both medicinal and adult use.

While many experienced users enjoy cannabis edibles, these products are ideal for beginners or infrequent cannabis users, as you can control the dosage more easily than with flower or concentrates. Some people prefer “microdosing” edibles. Micro-dosing involves taking a small amount of THC, usually edible, to produce exceptionally mild effects.

Cannabis edibles are also more discreet than smoking or vaping cannabis products. You can use edibles in places where smoking and vaping are not allowed or frowned upon, such as certain hotel rooms, public spaces, concert venues, movie theaters, and pretty much anywhere (at your own risk.)

Cannabis edibles may provide a wide array of effects including pain relief, improved mood, reduced anxiety or feelings of stress, and heightened creativity and focus.

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How Are Edibles Made?

Cannabis edibles are usually made using either canna-butter or fully-activated oil such as distillate or live resin. Both butter and oil are made by pouring ground marijuana flower into melted butter or oil and heating at low temperature for an extended period. Canna-butter often goes into baked goods like cookies, brownies, Rice Krispie treats, or other recipes that require butter.

Distillate or live resin is used in any recipe that uses cooking oil, usually in sweets like gummies, mints, or hard candies. You can also find distillate or live resin in tinctures, capsules, and concentrated oils at CCC. You can use this oil to infuse your meals, beverages, snacks, and desserts at home. Add to sauces, sauteed veggies, cake mixes, and more. Or, infuse beverages with drops of liquid tincture for a healthier alternative to alcoholic drinks.

When cooking or baking cannabis edibles, some cannabinoids, like THCA and CBDA, are converted to THC, CBD, and CBN. The conversion may result in enhanced relief from physical and mental conditions affecting various parts of the body and brain, especially nausea, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Finding The Right Dosage

Because everybody is different, there is no one-size-fits-all recommended dosage. How much you take depends on the effects you aim for and how your body responds to a particular edible. However, finding the perfect dosage for you with the edibles at CCC is much easier than with early, less regulated edible products or homemade pot cookies.

All edibles at CCC are labeled with the exact amount in milligrams (mg) of THC each product contains. The best way to find your best dosage is to start with a low dose product, like a nano dose gummy, eat half of one, which is 2.5 mg, and wait at least 1 ½ hours before ingesting more. This way you can gauge any potential effects and find your perfect balance.

Experienced cannabis consumers will likely have figured out their preferred dosage, but with edibles, it can be easy to accidentally take too many. Even the most experienced tokers can find themselves over-consuming cannabis edibles products because sometimes they taste that good. That’s why it’s always best to wait in between dosings for the potential effects to kick in. However, with a bit of time and practice, you should be able to find your best dosage and the products you most prefer.

Edibles Available at CCC

CCC is one of LA’s largest and oldest dispensaries, and we offer a massive selection of cannabis edibles. Some of the most popular edible cannabis products at CCC include gummies, brownies, Rice Krispie treats, chocolate bars and candies, cookies, hard candy, candy belts, beverages, drink powders, mints, gum, capsules, tinctures, and more. Vegan and gluten-free options are available for many of these products.

Product Recommendations

City Compassionate Caregivers carries the widest array of cannabis edibles in all of Los Angeles. We carry over 200 options for edibles, which can be overwhelming. A few of our most popular edibles brands include Kaneh Co, Kiva Confections, NUG, Smokiez, Flav, Papa & Barkley, Buddies Brand, Dixie Brands, and more. What follows are the most sought-after cannabis edibles we currently carry at CCC.

Flav – Watermelon Belts

Flav’s Watermelon Belts are a fun and refreshing edible that might produce a pleasant relief. Like the candy you grew up with, these sweet watermelon belts are coated in sugar but infused with 10mg of THC. With 10 gummy belts per package, you have the ability to medicate at whatever level you choose. Just try not to eat them all at once!

Smokiez – Peach Gummies

Smokiez Peach THC Fruit Chews are simply delicious and a satisfying way to get a pleasant dose of THC. These delicious fruit chews from Smokiez come in five flavors and are also vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain ZERO high fructose corn syrup. Each chew contains 10mg of THC and is made with their high-potency distillate. Customers can’t get enough of these delicious sweet and sour fruit chews.

High Gorgeous – Plain Jane CBD Drops

For all the medicinal users out there, the Plain Jane CBD Drops from High Gorgeous might work like magic. They lightly sweeten their simple formulation of MCT oil and CBD to make it go down smooth and get to work potentially helping your mind, body, and soul. Since this product contains no THC and is non-psychoactive, more sensitive users out there might enjoy the potential holistic effects of these CBD drops. Put a couple of drops under your tongue and wait an hour or two before dosing any more.

Kaneh Co – Best of Both Worlds Brownies

Kaneh Co rarely misses with their infused delicacies. Their Best of Both Worlds Brownies are another easy choice from them. Rich fudge brownies meet chocolate chip cookies in one delectable treat that contains 10mg of THC per serving, with 100mg of THC total per bag. Looking for something with a little extra kick for dessert? Kaneh Co’s Best of Both Worlds Brownies might hit the spot and set you on a path to relaxation.

Dixie Brands – Cherry Limeade Elixir

Dixie Brands has an incredible Cherry Limeade Elixir that our customers can’t get enough of. Juicy cherries and face-puckering tart lime join forces in this beverage with pure, clean, and potent THC to produce a high-quality product. With 6mg of THC per serving, and 100mg per bottle, this might be the perfect refresher during the day. Triple lab-tested for quality, these beverages are a crowd favorite for their potentially fast-acting effects.

To learn more about the effects and recommended edibles dosage at CCC, read this article that can help you figure out your ideal edible dosage. And, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help!

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