The Complete Guide To Buying Cannatique At City Compassionate Caregivers

The Complete Guide To Buying Cannatique At City Compassionate Caregivers

Cannatique produces some of the most artisanal top-shelf cannabis in all of California. At City Compassionate Caregivers, you’ll find a wide selection of Cannatique flower and concentrates in fresh and funky flavors. Cannatique is all about the experience and creating a lifestyle around their brand. With their recent capsule line of the Red Rum strain, it came with a full merch selection as well.

You’ll find hand-trimmed, clean cannabis and highly potent concentrates at CCC from Cannatique that are worth writing home about. If you aren’t sure what Cannatique product is right for you, don’t worry, this handy guide has every cannasseur in mind. Check out these selections and stop by City Compassionate Caregivers today to stock up on your favorite Cannatique products


Cannatique is known for its exciting and innovative flower drops. Their Lemon Cherry Gelato has been on the top of several daily smokers’ lists for a few years. They not only cultivate their flowers, but they also source their flower for collaboration with other brands. On top of a booming distribution and production plan, they also produce ready-to-wear clothing based on their most popular products. Cannatique sets itself apart as a one-stop shop for all things craft cannabis. They’re known for producing some of the tastiest flavor profiles while unlocking unique, full-spectrum, and terpene-rich flower. Here are a few of our favorite flower recommendations you’ll find on our menu currently. 

Lemon Cherry Gelato

As the name suggests, Lemon Cherry Gelato is a sour and tart strain. A cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, it has a funky-sweet aroma. Gelato, aka Larry Bird, is a high-flying flower from the Bay Area. Lemon Cherry Gelato comes from an extensive genetic bank created by the likes of Cookies and Sherbinski, as well as Mario Guzman. Gelato on its own is a well-known, potent strain made even more strong by Cannatiques expert growers. Lemon Cherry Gelato may produce a soothing, yet euphoric state with its uplifting aromas and distinct taste.

White Zlurpee 

White Zlurpee is here to remind you of mystery flavor slushies and candy-coated goodness. Cannatique is always on the forefront of unique strains and White Zlurpee is no different. Its indica leaning genetics suggest it might be a powerful relaxant. This potentially calming cultivar is a tasty treat with hints of sweet and earthy aromas and a distinct diesel taste. Cannatique has created a truly luscious genetic in its White Zlurpee. You can find this in a 3.5g option on the City Compassionate Caregivers menu.

Blueberry Cruffin 

The uniquely named Blueberry Cruffin is an award-winning strain that smells like it’s fresh from the bakery. An original cultivation from DJ Short, Blueberry Cruffin produces high yields that mean more terpene-rich buds make it into the CCC shelves. Cannatique brings us a Blueberry Cruffin that puts other Blueberries to shame. It’s a fresh tasting experience similar to picking a box of blueberries. Blueberry Cruffin is an indica-leaning hybrid and terpene-rich with true-to-taste aromatics. As a plant who’s lineage includes Juicy Fruit and Purple Thai, you can expect a potentially buzzing relaxation and focused calm. 


You’ll find more than flower from powerhouse Cannatique. They not only cultivate their own flowers with proprietary methods but also develop those unique strains into concentrates. They collaborate with other brands to bring highly potent strains to life as concentrates. Cannatique practices full-spectrum extraction so you don’t lose potency or sacrifice flavor. They’ve recently collaborated with the likes of Bear Labs to develop even more delicious sauces for the dabbing community.

Town Jewels 

Town Jewels is a delectable concentrate from Cannatique. Giving notes of spice and a hazy gas, this strain is a favorite among experienced smokers who have OG tastes. Cannatique has taken their full-spectrum extraction and created sugar that any dab-lover can enjoy. This may leave you feeling ready to slide into the day and take on whatever comes your way. With a potentially sedating yet uplifting effect, Town Jewels may be great for an adventurous weekend away or a relaxing weekend in.

Skywalker OG 

If you know OG’s then you’re no stranger to Skywalker OG. Skywalker OG, or Skywalker Kush, is a Southern California staple. Its long lineage hosts Chemdawg and Lemon Thai to create a chemically sweet scent in its profile. Skywalker OG is known for its incredibly high THC content and distinctly sour smell. Like the Kush and OG before it, Skywalker OG from Cannatique is a uniquely bright flavor despite its hashish roots. Skywalker OG diamonds are a go-to concentrate option on the City Compassionate Caregivers shelves.

Cannatiques’ commitment to quality craft cannabis keeps us coming back for more at CCC. We love the consistency, accessibility, and potency that makes Cannatique unique. You can find these products and more over on our menu, on Weedmaps, or visit the Cannatique site for their exclusive merchandise.

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