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The Complete Guide To Buying Connected Cannabis Co At City Compassionate Caregivers

The Complete Guide To Buying Connected Cannabis Co At City Compassionate Caregivers

Connected Cannabis Co is one of the first choices for top-shelf cannabis products by our customers at City Compassionate Caregivers. Many of our regulars choose Connected Cannabis Co products for their outstanding genetics and reliable vaping technology. This is one of the brands in California that’s built a name for itself purely off consistent quality and exotic genetics. No celebrity endorsements here, just memorable flavor and potentially long-lasting highs.

We carry the full array of Connected Cannabis Co products at CCC. This includes their premium flower, pre-roll packs, 510 thread vapes, disposables, and concentrates for dabbing. We’ve put together a guide on all of their products we have at CCC and why you should consider picking up Connected Cannabis Co on your next visit.

Connected Cannabis Co’s Story

Connected Cannabis Co is a high-end cannabis brand whose products are meant for the connoisseurs of the weed industry. The brand has been based out of California and has spent over 10 years crafting designer cannabis that has a cult-like following.

The brand’s team has spent years trying every cultivation method out there to find the best process for creating top-shelf cannabis. Their innovative strains are made using some of the most famous cultivators’ genetics on the market. A couple of their legendary strains are Gushers and Gelonade. Connected puts its energy into crafting strains with “immaculate terpene profiles that lend you intense and distinct flavor, smells, and colors,” according to their Weedmaps.   

The brand has won several awards for its level of quality, including first place at the 2018 Hightimes World Cannabis Cup for their Sativa concentrate.


Designer Flower and Pre-Roll Packs

Connected Cannabis Co made a name for itself with its designer-level strains. While the brand has since launched other product lines, their flower remains a favorite among cannabis lovers. City Compassionate Caregivers carries all of the newest and most cutting-edge strains from Connected in premium eighths, as well as 5-packs of pre-rolls.


Gelonade is one of Connected’s most famous strains, and for good reason. The strain is a potent cross of Lemon Tree and Gelato 41. The dense power of the Gelato levels up the Lemon Tree, resulting in an experience that has become a favorite amongst connoisseurs. 

Gelonades’ appearance is one of its most notable aspects. A dense carpet of crystals covers each bud. Gelonade’s top 3 terpenes are limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool, resulting in an earthly, sweet scent. Connected describes Gelonade as “a go-to day-smoke” due to its potentially energizing effects.

The Chemist

The chemist came from the Connected team’s love for the potent Chem D strain. The brand combined the strain with a fan favorite (Biscotti) to produce the next-level experience of The Chemist. The heavy-hitting effects of the parent strains may induce a deeply relaxing experience with some sedative effects. 

This strain has gassy, sweet, and sedative terpenes that produce a delicious taste and smell. The Chemist’s flavor gives off a sage-like earthiness with hints of the sugary terps. 

Slow Lane 

Slow Lane is a Hybrid flower whose effects give the strain its name. The bud is dark purple in appearance with a frosty layer of trichomes covering the surface of the plant. The bud is a cross between Biscotti and Sugar Cone.

The aroma of Slow Lane brings out a heavy creaminess from the sugar cone with a taste that recalls the smoothness of the Biscotti. If you’re wondering about the effects of this strain, Connected states that “One hit…and you’re gonna be driving the Rari slow in the fast lane.” While the effects may vary for different people, you can expect a potentially relaxing experience. 

Image via LAWeekly.com

Pantera Limone

One of Connected’s newest strains, The Pantera Limone will transport your senses straight to the tropics. The strain offers layers of diverse aromas, with notes of fresh lime and earthy funk. Pantera Limone has a loud smell that will have you immediately reaching to load a bowl to see out its potentially calming and uplifting effects.


Daily dabbers delight in the array of concentrates available from Connected Cannabis Co. Since their flower has such an immense following, it only made sense for them to dive headfirst into creating equally as flavorful and potent extractions.

Live Resin

Connected’s live resin is made from freshly harvested cannabis flower that is immediately flash-frozen in order to preserve all of their original terpenes and cannabinoids. This flash freezing preserves the fresh flavors and aromas that would normally cure up in the drying process. This means you’re getting a taste and smell that perfectly captures the experience of the original strain. One of our current favorite dabs from Connected is their Lemonatti Live Resin Sauce that packs diverse tart citrus flavor and potentially uplifting effects.

Vapes & Disposables

Connected Cannabis Co spent a long time working on a line of vape hardware products. 

The brand’s most popular strains come in one gram 510 thread carts. They offer popular live resin options such as Gelonade, Biscotti, Lemonatti, and more. 

The devices feature a ceramic core, natural cotton, and a heavy metal exterior. The result is some big clouds of smoke. The vape batteries allow for two temperatures that will not over or under burn your oil. 

The brand has also engineered an all-in-one disposable. These have longer battery life and a unique angled reservoir. This ensures that you get to smoke every last drop of those delicious terps. Customers can’t get enough of the single-source live resin all-in-one disposables from Connected. Standout strains they put into these disposables include Lemonatti, Biscotti, and Gelonade.

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