New First Time Patients Deal.

Choose between FTP Deal or Deal of the Day upon Arrival:
-($60-$50 8th’s) $10 OFF 8th +tax

-($45-$40 8th’s) $35 CAP +tax

-($35-$30 8th’s) $25 CAP +tax

-BOHO on all Cartridges/Wax Grams (Same Value)

-BOHO on all Edibles (Same Value)

-FREE Goodie Bag w/ $10+ Don.


Referral Bonuses.

REFERRALS : Get 15% OFF order (w/ purchase) or FREE Goodie Bag (w/ no purchase)

Daily Specials.

Wax Wednesday@ CCC!
-Cure Co. 7gs@$45 on Cherry P./Orange Creamsicle/Papaya P.
-20% OFF WAX: Fog City, Critial,Phinest,Utopia,Connected,Moxie,Kings Garden,Cresco
-Buy 2 1000mg Pure Vape Carts@$80
-Buy a Cannatonic Pax get Purple P. Pax@$1
-Buy a Brite Labs Pax get Cart@$1
-Buy a Bloom Farms Cartridge get Battery@$1
-Buy Church Vape Cart get Battery@$1
-High Season/Loudpack 8th@$25 Ervana 8th@$20
-Buy a KNBIS Forbidden 8th get Joint@$1
-Buy a Director’s Cut 8th get Shatter@$1
(No Double Specials)
While supplies last

Everyday Deals!


From 8-10am and evenings from 4-6pm.

-Receive 10% off order with a minimum order of $30+

(No Double Specials)


-Veterans receive a 10% off order (must show valid I.D)
-Disabled patients receive a 10% off their order (must show valid I.D)
-Seniors receive a 15% off order (must show valid I.D)
-Students receive a 10% off order (must show valid I.D)
-Referrals receive 15% off order (w/ purchase) or FREE Goodie Bag (w/ no purchase)!
-Birthday receive 15% off order! (must show I.D)

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-Renewals receive 10% off order (Must Bring Renewed Valid Dr Recommendation)


**Return Policy** All Sales Are Final! Unless damaged/defected exchanges are valid. Must be in original packaging with receipt 14 Day Return Policy.

**No Double Specials Under Any Circumstances**

LGBT Friendly!!

7/10 Day Specials!