The Complete Guide To Buying Ember Valley At City Compassionate Caregivers

The Complete Guide To Buying Ember Valley At City Compassionate Caregivers

Ember Valley is one of the newer craft cannabis brands at City Compassionate Caregivers. Their unique offerings are perfect for new smokers to discerning cannasseurs. Ember Valley uses its specialized indoor grow process to produce some of the best cannabis money can buy. You’ll find the absolute best strains at CCC from Ember Valley. They commit to elevating the cannabis industry one harvest at a time. They utilize legacy growers to cultivate their unique, high-performing strains. 

The passion behind the people at Ember Valley is the desire to respect the tremendous power of cannabis and be a part of changing the conversation around it. Ember Valley is one of the best at providing California with premium products. We love when Ember Valley hits our shelves because we know their superior cannabis products put in real work. Check out our guide below to see what’s in stock.


Fuji Fritter

Fuji Fritter is a powerhouse of fruit flavor on the CCC menu. It is a potent choice for those looking for potential pain relief and relaxation. Ember Valley brings sweet fruit flavor and an earthy aroma to exotic flower. Fuji Fritter is said to have mysterious origins but is brought out by Lumpy’s Flowers. This indica leaning hybrid might leave you locked on to your favorite movie with its potentially soothing body high. You’ll want snacks and a comfortable seat to enjoy Fuji Fritter. The rich terpene profile means this strain tastes like an apple Danish with a cheesy nose. This strain has a potentially hazy whole body high. 

Ember Mints

Ember Mints is Ember Valleys’ answer to an Animal Mints cross. Bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Ember Mints is a cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. These two legendary strains combine to bring us a genuinely explosive strain. Ember Mints has a distinct OG aroma that any cannabis connoisseur will enjoy. Its kush flavor shines through from its Bubba Kush parentage. Ember Mints was bred to carry heavy terpenes and an even richer THC content. This indica leaning hybrid might offer more of a head high than what you would expect from its lineage. Ember Mints is a dense flower characterized by its creamy notes and hazy smoke.


Ganache is the high THC cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies. It potentially offers a balanced relaxation unusual for some indica strains. Ganache is a fragrant and colorful flower. Its buds come in an array of colors with a vibrant terpene profile. The sweet aroma has hints of lavender that might make it an incredibly calming treat. Ganache has a one-two punch of both flavor and high THC. Ember Valley has created a heavy-hitting genetic perfect for CCC consumers looking for a potentially overpowering high. 

Northern Fire

Northern Fire is just as good as the name suggests. Ember Valleys’ Northern Fire is a cross of Chemdawg and Blueberry Northern Lights. Northern Fires’ aroma is like sitting around a campfire in the mountains. This hazy sativa leaning strain also has hints of zesty lemon. Northern Fire might have an intense finish thanks to its Chemdawg roots. This strain is potentially ideal for gentle energy that buzzes through both mind and body. Northern Fire from Ember Valley is a classic Cali genetic that is as delicious as it is vital. 

Jack Cake 7g Smalls

Jack Cake is a cross between Jack Herer and Wedding Cake. The flower starts as significant, chunky buds that Ember Valley then busts down into their 7g Smalls jar. Jack Cake is potentially a blissful solution to daily mental drain.  As a sativa leaning hybrid, it might engage your mind with energy that zaps into a heady high. This strain might be best for those looking for a clear head high with minimal body effects. Jack Cake is made for day or night consumption and is best enjoyed in its most accurate form. Ember Valley has taken full-bodied flavor and full strength flower and condensed them into a convenient 7g jar. 

Every Ember Valley product at CCC is picked for its potency and unique flavors. From their processes to their organically advanced harvesting Ember Valley has top-tier, premium flower ready for all our customers. Ember Valley is always creating quality strains for your enjoyment. You can find them on our menu or check them online to see all of their innovations to cannabis in California.

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