The Complete Guide To Buying Heavy Hitters At City Compassionate Caregivers

The Complete Guide To Buying Heavy Hitters At City Compassionate Caregivers

Heavy Hitters is a Los Angeles-born vape brand that everyone in California is familiar with. Their commitment to world-class vapes and heavy-hitting flavor has made them a SoCal staple since 1996. Heavy Hitters makes high-quality products for connoisseurs and consumers who are always hunting for the next big thing. They always impress with their top-shelf terpenes and rich, well-developed fresh flavors. City Compassionate Caregivers carries a wide array of their vapes, edibles, and infused pre-rolls.

Heavy Hitters partners with top-tier farms to develop consistently potent and reliable products. They pick partners that share their passion for creating premium cannabis products. With their two main lines of development, ULTRA and LIVE, you’ll find a whole spectrum experience across the board. Heavy Hitters produces consistently potent vapes and disposables we carry on our menu. You can find a selection of some favorites below in our handy Heavy Hitters guide. 

Diablo OG All-In-One 

Although the name sounds particularly intense, Diablo OG is a potentially soft, relaxing experience. This hybrid strain packs fresh flower flavor and potency into an all-in-one discreet disposable. The rich terpene profile shines through with its lineage of OG Kush and Diablo. Diablo OG might start soft, but it’s an herbal citrus fusion of fresh flavor and potent native terpenes. You’ll find a potentially euphoric, full-body high on the back end of this devilishly delicious all-in-one. 

Cloudberry 1g Cart 

The Cloudberry 1g Cart is a pure, powerful strain that might send you to cloud nine. Cloudberry might deliver a uniquely intense body experience with an out-of-this-world relaxation. At up to 95% THC, Cloudberry potentially sends you on a roller coaster of deep body calm and euphoric cerebral creativity. This indica leaning strain is a sweet treat with a berry flavor all its own. When enjoying Heavy Hitters Cloudberry Cart, watch for the sweet aroma and potential full-body effects. 

Lava Cake 1g Cart 

Lava Cake 1g Cart is an ultra-potent combination of delicious flavors. It has a spicy, cinnamon nose that wakes up your senses. Lava Cake from Heavy Hitters is a cross between Grape Pie and Thin Mint Cookies. This strain is intensely potent at up to 95% THC, satisfying those seeking potentially fast-acting effects. The flavors of vanilla cake and fruit combine with cinnamon to give you a fruit cake taste you’ll actually enjoy. Lava Cake potentially offers users a full-body buzz as an indica leaning hybrid. Lava Cake will potentially give you a creative cerebral experience backed by a hazy body high.

Irene Diamond Infused Pre Roll 

Irene OG is a mysterious strain that supposedly comes from strong OG Kush genetics. We know that it’s true to its OG roots and delivers a dominating diesel scent. After its initial aroma, you’ll find Irene OG has a particularly strong pine smell. Although its aroma is all OG, the flavors are reminiscent of a fruit salad. With lemon, berry, and creamy citrus flavor, Irene OG is a delicious experience. Heavy Hitters took it even further by infusing their Irene pre-roll with diamonds. The high might be stress relieving and extremely calming.

Tangerine Dream Ultimate Infused Gummy 

Heavy Hitters isn’t just a name here. Their powerful products pack a punch on any level. From compact cartridges and vapes to decadently delicious infused gummies and out-of-this-world flower, there’s something for everyone on the Heavy Hitters rotation. Their Tangerine Dream Ultimate Infused Gummies are a 20mg per piece powerhouse of fruit flavor.

Heavy Hitters combines their ultra-pure and potent concentrates with unique terpene blends to produce some deliciously strong edibles. The gummies combine an authentic fruit flavor with handcrafted terpene profiles. With flavors that include Limonene and Terpinolene, you’ll find the rich, enjoyable flavor and potentially strong highs. This citrus strain might be an uplifting joy ride that ultimately leads to hazy relaxation. 

You’ll find all of the newest vapes, infused pre-rolls, and edibles from Heavy Hitters at City Compassionate Caregivers. We are the easiest place to find all of your favorites in Downtown Los Angeles. Shop online to see what’s available right now and buy it for in-store pick-up.

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