The Complete Guide To Buying Jungle Boys Flower At City Compassionate Caregivers

The Complete Guide To Buying Jungle Boys Flower At City Compassionate Caregivers

Jungle Boys has a long-standing tradition in the cannabis cultivation game, starting in 2006. After more than a decade, the only part of the process they’ve changed is the facility they are in. Born and bred in Los Angeles, Jungle Boys have grown some of the best California cannabis for years, opening their award-winning genetics into rosin and extracts. They commit to exploring the cannabis space with artisanal processes and respect for the plant. 

Through their innovative cultivation, they provide the people of California with clean cannabis products that fly off the shelves. At City Compassionate Caregivers, we carry Jungle Boys’ most recent lineup of craft cannabis. This guide to Jungle Boys at CCC is here to help you navigate their new flower options and find the best choice for you. Check it out below and visit our menu for the most up-to-date information on what’s in stock.

Celebrity Cannabis Strains

Dosi Killer

Dosi Killer is a delicious concoction of Do Si Dos, NBK, and Sunset Sherbet. These powerful crosses combine to create a fruity and funky flavor best for experienced smokers. This is a candy-like strain with a citrus nose and crisp aroma. Dos Si Dos has a distinct berry and citrus flavor and plays a part in the potentially relaxing and euphoric high Dosi Killer delivers. Sunset Sherbet has a noticeably creamy fruit flavor that Dosi Killer takes and turns on its head. Jungle Boys has developed a potentially uniquely relaxing strain in Dosi Killer. 


MAC is a well-known favorite across smoking circles around the country. Jungle Boys brought together Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Columbian Gold to craft this hitter. This strain is a noticeably indica leaning hybrid creation with deep vibrant buds. Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, this strain is a true miracle that might provide an intense experience. You’ll find a delicious earthy orange flavor to accompany a potentially profound mental and physical relaxation. 

Zack’s Pie

Jungle Boys’ Zack’s Pie has a decadently deep berry flavor wrapped in a warm vanilla crust. This is a cross between Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. The well-known flavors of both combine to give us a tart and sweet aroma and lush grape flavor. Any cannabis connoisseur will love the intense flavors of Zack’s Pie and its potentially soothing effects. Grape Pie contributes to Zack’s Pies’ potential for creative expression when enjoyed. The potentially relieving effects are also present across the pie lineage. Wedding Cake comes through in its sweet taste that sticks to your tongue. It helps to deliver Zack’s Pies’ rich terpene profile and might leave your head in the clouds. 

Florida Sundae

Jungle Boys will leave you feeling like a Sunday driver with this supercross between Sundae Driver #19 and TK Bx1. Florida Sundae is like a hot day on the beach, ice cream in hand. This creamy concoction is a gassy and spicy hit to the head. It combines Sundae Drivers’ potentially sedative effects with a sleepy haze of skunky flavor. The award-winning terpene profile from Sundae Driver is a huge part of Florida Sundaes’ intense taste. Florida Sundae hides a potentially heavy fog behind its sweet aroma. 

Gas Cake #11

Gas Cake #11 is a cross between the gassy High Octane and creamy Jungle Cake. This strain showcases a diesel aroma with an earthy punch. Its lineage gives it a robust THC profile full of delicious terpenes. Gas Cake #11 might leave you with the munchies—be prepared to snack. This hybrid is suitable for those looking for a potentially hazy and dreamy experience. This strain combines a citrus aroma with a spicy lemon flavor that might relieve stress and help with pain management.

Kush Mints 

Kush Mints is Jungle Boys cross between Animal Mints and Bubba. Animal Mints gives Kush Mints its distinctive minty aroma and slightly fruity flavor. It also contributes to its potentially relaxing effects and happy head highs. Bubba brings in an earthy scent to Kush Mints and its kush flavoring. The terpene profile from Bubba shines through in Kush Mints with an unapologetically pungent aroma out of the gate. This flavor profile is favored by those who enjoy actual OG strains with a kush kick. It has a high THC count and leaves you feeling potentially uplifted, happy, and physically chill.

Jungle Boys is hands-down one of the most famous cannabis brands in the world. They often set the bar for what top-shelf cannabis should look like. City Compassionate Caregivers is proud to carry a diverse lineup of their award-winning products. Visit our online menu to find your next favorite from Jungle Boys.

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