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Kinglato Strain: Intoxicating Skunky Diesel And Sharp Fruity Terps Fit For Royalty

The Kinglato strain from The Cure Company is the ultimate pairing of OG funk and creamy Gelato decadence. Kinglato is a cross between the famous Curelato and High Octane strains. This balanced hybrid has a distinct aroma of skunky diesel and fruity cereal. The unlikely combination of smells helps set Kinglato apart. Smoking this potent strain might produce an uplifting euphoria that may ease tension and create a tremendous calm. 

Looking at the Kinglato strain, your eyes are immediately drawn to its myriad of colors. Rich light and dark green foliage make up its appearance with pockets of purple that hint at its Gelato lineage. Yellowed trichomes run rampant across every visible nook and cranny of the nugs. Their structure is dense, short, fat, and sticky.

On the nose, you’re hit with a wild mixture of sweet, skunky flowers with hints of pine. Cracking a nug open will reveal a blast of creamy, earthy wood that further suggests High Octane OG’s genetics. The Kinglato strain is the perfect blend of Gelato sweetness and OG funk.

Kinglato Strain by The Cure Company

The Cure Company has brought out a new contender that can stand with the OGs. By pairing two strains that may potentially uplift and relax, the Kinglato strain might be the best of both worlds. Users seek out Gelatos for their potential to boost their mood and creativity, while High Octane OG may provide users with stress-relieving body highs. Medical users may benefit from smoking this strain to potentially ease body pain, depression, and anxiety.

As a potent hybrid, Kinglato might be a deeply calming and uplifting experience for even the most regular smokers.  Kinglato might work best after a long day at the office, or to ease into the weekend. With the unlikely flavors and aromas from this decadent strain, you’ll be feeling like a king in no time after just a few puffs. 

5g Smalls, Minis, and Blendz

Kinglato comes in a variety of sizes. The 5g Smalls is an entire pack of your new favorite strain. The Cure Company takes pride in packaging its product to keep the flower as fresh as possible. With the 5g Smalls, you get a healthy helping of this powerhouse strain. At around $65 before tax, you get five grams of potent and flavorful small buds. Minis are The Cure Company’s solution to enjoyable affordability and accessibility to their famous genetics.

Minis are perfectly portioned and packaged in 1/2 ounce (14g) Mylar bags. You won’t sacrifice size for potency. Blendz are the right combination of shake and minis to keep any cannabis connoisseur coming back. As a super affordable option from The Cure Company, Blendz make for high-quality rolling material in your favorite blunts and joints. The Cure Company brings the strains you love like Kinglato to your hands for cheaper with their 14g Blendz.

Buy the Kinglato Strain Online 

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