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Everything you need to know about medical marijuana

Ever since the advent of recreational marijuana in California, the industry has been booming. In Los Angeles especially, much of the stigma has been removed from what is for many people an essential medication. Eventually, you’ll even find marijuana on convenience store shelves – but the best quality marijuana will always be found at our Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary.
At City Compassionate Caregivers, we strive to inform our patients and the general public about medical marijuana so that those who need it can access it. Having a medical marijuana card opens up a plethora of benefits for the cannabis consumer, and can actually take some of the hassles out of your purchase. Here’s everything you need to know about Los Angeles medical marijuana.

How Do I Become a Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Patient?

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Los Angelesis a fairly simple process. There are a number of licensed medical marijuana clinics throughout the city that offer a cheap and easy path towards acquiring a medical marijuana card.
In order to qualify for a medical card, you need to have a condition as detailed in California law. Qualifying conditions include ailments like epilepsy, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s, as well as psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, and even loss of appetite or frequent nausea. Usually, you’ll fill out a few forms testifying to your condition, and consult with a doctor about how medical marijuana can assist in treating your malady.
>After that, it’s as easy as paying for the certificate. You do not actually have to use the card, the laminated certificate you’re given can be immediately used at all medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California.

What Are the Medical Properties of Cannabis?

While there is still much research to be done on the medical properties of cannabis, there are growing indications that cannabis can work as a miracle drug for certain ailments through its medicinal chemical components.
As previously mentioned, cannabis can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including frequent seizures and has been recommended in alleviating the pain of certain kinds of cancer. Cannabis has phenomenal pain relief properties, and many patients report a clear and easy state of mind after smoking, contrary to old-school media reports about the paranoia accompanying its use.

How Does Cannabis Acquire Its Medical Effects?

Cannabis owes its incredible medical attributes to two major chemical components found within its biological structure: THC and CBD.
THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and is the chemical responsible for most of the psychoactive effects produced by ingesting cannabis. THC also has many medicinal properties, and the numbing or “stoning” feeling that one gets from THC has proven extremely effective in combating chronic pain.
CBD is short for cannabidiol, an agent of healing that has attained more attention than its well-known cousin THC as of late. CBD, while possessing none of the psychoactive properties of THC, has been successfully applied in the treatment of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, among many others. CBD has become so popular lately that many CBD-only outlets are sprouting up in places like New York and Paris.

Should I Still Get A Medical Marijuana Card Even Though Recreational Weed Is Legal?

There are quite a few reasons to obtain a Los Angeles medical marijuana card, despite recreational legalization making cannabis available to everyone 21 and over.
While recreational dispensaries can certainly possess excellent management, most medical marijuana dispensaries are going to be holding themselves to a higher standard. The process for becoming a medical dispensary involves close cooperation with authorities and adherence to certain standards, while many recreational dispensaries still have no oversight at all.
Furthermore, while recreational dispensaries have to account for taxation by raising prices on their products, medical marijuana dispensaries are not subject to tax at all. This means that, while a medical card can normally cost from 30 to 60 dollars, you will quickly begin to save money by not paying expensive sales tax on your cannabis.
You can get the best advice and finest Los Angeles medical marijuana right here at City Compassionate Caregivers. Visit us today or order from our online menu.


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