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The Complete Guide To Buying Originals Weed At City Compassionate Caregivers

At City Compassionate Caregivers in Downtown Los Angeles, our dispensary carries over 1,000 cannabis products. With so many of California’s leading brands lining our shelves, it can be overwhelming for new customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. One of the most reliable brands at our dispensary for the truest representations of iconic California strains is Originals, which also has a dispensary in South-Central Los Angeles and San Diego. 

The West Coast is known for its delicious and brawny OG strains. Unfortunately, there are so many imitators and impure genetics that line dispensary shelves. Originals consistently produce legendary strains such as Gelato, King Louie, Oaksterdam OG, and their own special cut of OG—the Originals OG.

Los Angeles natives, Originals is a family-owned brand that has been mastering its craft since 2006. Their grow team has a combined experience of over 100 years in cultivation. They grow everything in-house at their Originals Factory & Weed Shop in the heart of Los Angeles. By doing this, they’re able to maintain complete control over their output. The result is cannasseur-quality cultivars that actually live up to their infamous names.

On top of it all, Originals’ weed has a competitive price tag for its quality—and the nug appeal is always crazy. The sleek presentation of their packaging makes you feel like you’re getting something exclusive. If you’re an OG strain addict, look no further than Originals. They will never disappoint with strong, flavorful offerings that may bring tremendous calm to your mind and body. Here is a guide to four Originals strains we always carry at City Compassionate Caregivers.

Originals OG

The Mac Daddy of OG Kush varieties, the Originals OG is some serious kush. You’ll notice an incredibly sweet lemon aroma on the nose and brilliant green foliage. The curly orange pistils poking out add a pleasant contrast. Dense to the touch, the Originals OG has a short, yet pointy appearance that dully glimmers from the yellowed trichomes that wrap its surface. Those looking for the iconic calm that OG’s may provide will delight in this strain. The sweetness from the aroma still comes out amidst a mildly spicy smoke. Medical may find this strain to be a consistent cut of OG for anxiety relief.

Oakstradam OG

Originals’ Oakstradam OG strain is a celebrity cut of OG Kush. The minds at Oaksterdam University in Oakland are responsible for this beautiful creation. Oakstradam OG is a heavy indica that exhibits all of the classic characteristics of a gassy OG taken to the extreme. Wildly dense buds show off deep green hues that are dimly lit by dark red pistils. A thick blanket of trichomes covers its inner and outer layers almost like a resinous glue. Originals’ Oakstradam OG is known for its loud peppery, sweet, and musky flavors that might promote stress relief and create a sense of euphoria.


A cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, Originals’ Gelato may produce euphoric highs and heavily sedative effects. As the name suggests, this strain reeks of dessert-like aromas that come across sweet, fruity, and spicy. Rich purple and green hues decorate the nugs with fiery orange pistils interwoven. The wet layer of trichomes coating the buds has a shimmering appearance. Gelato has become a favorite among creatives. They claim that it may provide a strong physical high and mental clarity. Medical users might find the Gelato strain to be ideal for dealing with insomnia, fatigue, and chronic pain.

King Louie

King Louie, aka King Louis XIII, comes from crossing OG Kush with LA Confidential. Originals’ version of this potent indica strain is gorgeous and downright stinky. A blast of piney gas will erupt from your jar when you pop the lid. When you crack a nug open, a secondary wave of earthy spice comes. This spicy funk hints at King Louie’s potential pain-relieving qualities. Dark and pale green nugs make up its appearance, with bright orange pistils weaving out. This might be the perfect hard-hitting cut of OG to add to any regular smoker’s rotation. The spicy kush aromas of this strain may also appeal to anyone dealing with insomnia or excessive stress.

For all of the freshest drops from Originals, visit City Compassionate Caregivers in Downtown LA. You can place your order ahead of time using our online menu. Many of these strains are hot commodities that go quickly once they hit the shelves. Learn more about Originals by visiting their website.

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