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Pink Picasso Strain: Floral Candy Aromas And Tantalizing Euphoric Bliss

The Pink Picasso strain by Wonderbrett is known as the “masterpiece” of the Wonderbrett collection. The hype centered around the strain is due to its premium genetics, potent effects, and complex terpene profile. The strain’s lineage is a cross between Candyland and OZ Kush. The result is Wonderbrett’s most unique and complex hybrid. 

This strain has all of the makings of an exotic hitter that has wide public appeal. The lush candy-like aromas and decadent nugs have made it a crowd favorite along with its high potency. Find Wonderbrett’s Pink Picasso strain at City Compassionate Caregivers along with many of their other popular genetics.

First Impressions 

The Pink Picasso has small, round nugs that are a mint-green color. Additionally, vibrant pink undertones can be seen in the fluffy-looking nugs, along with a thick layer of crystal-like trichomes. You could say that the diverse coloration of each Pink Picasso nug is almost like a work of art.

Upon cracking open the nugs, users can detect the floral aroma of rose and lavender with notes of chocolate, mint, and cinnamon. These dessert-like aromas are a tell-tale sign of some proper exotic weed. Even on the nose, you can tell that this strain might send you to your happy place and possibly relieve tension and pain.

Terpene Profile 

Pink Picasso’s complex lineage results in an equally complex terpene profile. The strain’s most dominant terpenes include Limonene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene. These may create a euphoric cerebral high as well as a relaxing body-high. 

This combination of terpenes creates the sweet and floral scents that can be detected in the strain, along with the strain’s delicious flavor. Pink Picasso gives off flavors of sweet cotton candy, champagne, and cinnamon cookies.


Pink Picasso contains around 23% THC, making it a high-potency hybrid. As a result, the strain may offer uplifting feelings of euphoria, along with a slightly sedative body high. In addition, some users might find the Indica-leaning effects to be a “creeper,” meaning couch-locking effects may sneak up on you. 

For recreational users, the strain is ideal for relaxing outside, late-night smoke sessions, and pretty much any slow-paced activity you can think of.

For medicinal users, Pink Picasso may be helpful in aiding some medical conditions such as insomnia, depression, stress, or chronic pain. 

To try the Pink Picasso strain for yourself, stop by the shop or check our online menu here. Wonderbrett has an outstanding history in Los Angeles of cultivating outstanding cannabis flower that is worth checking out first-hand.

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