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New Drop: Rainbow Fritz Strain by The Cure Company

The Rainbow Fritz strain by The Cure Company is one of the newest and most exciting additions to not only the Fritz family lineup but also our shelves here at City Compassionate Caregivers. This premium strain has been highly anticipated and has proven to be a customer favorite in just a short amount of time. At CCC, you can find this strain in various sizes and weight options. This includes whole flower eighths, 5G Smalls, Minis, and Blendz.

rainbow fritz strain

Rainbow Fritz Strain

The Rainbow Fritz strain is a part of The Cure Company’s collaboration with the renowned cultivator, Seed Junky Genetics. Through their intricate and meticulous breeding process came a series of Fritz strains that might offer a diverse spectrum of effects. This cultivar, in specific, is a combination of Rainbow Sherbet and Fritz. Meaning, its genetic history contains Champagne and Blackberry on the Rainbow side, as well as Bubba Kush and Animal Mints on the Fritz side; thus producing a balanced hybrid blend.

Stringing from a variety of hybrid strains, Rainbow Fritz may offer an evenly balanced experience that users might find ideal for any time of the day. The Rainbow side is to thank for the potential heady focus and stimulating creativity that you may experience after taking a few hits. While the Fritz genetics are what mellows this strain out, giving way for potential anxiety and pain relief. Thus, making this a strain that medical patients may love.

rainbow fritz strain cure company

rainbow fritz strain cure company

Rainbow Fritz Flavors

As you lay eyes on this delectable flower, it is transparent the level of quality and potency you’re dealing with. Rainbow Fritz nugs hold a deep forestry green complex with a range of fall colors. Like leaves scattered across a forest floor during autumn, you’ll notice an almost tie-dye scheme that boasts vibrant hues of green, orange, and even a shimmer of gold. Above the tangle of fiery pistils lies a thick sheet of frosty trichomes that is reminiscent of fresh snowfall.

While you admire Rainbow Fritz’s physical qualities, you won’t be able to help but notice the pungent smell that the nugs let off. This may include scents of fruit, mint, and doughy pepper, thanks to the mirage of terpenes present in this top-shelf strain.

With just a few puffs of Rainbow Fritz, you may find a wave of motivation and creativity sweep upon you. In larger amounts, you may find that your anxiety, depression, or pain floats away with ease; which may even lead to a night of restful sleep.

New Drop: Rainbow Fritz Strain by The Cure Company

Rainbow Fritz Products

When picking up this strain, you have multiple options to choose from here at City Compassionate Caregivers dispensary in LA. This includes different weights, nug sizes, and price points.

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop harvest, the premium 8ths of whole flower will offer the full experience. However, if size doesn’t matter, check out our 5G Smalls, which contains 5 grams of small buds. Similarly, “Minis” can be purchased as a pack containing 14 grams of the same small buds. Moreover, if you’re looking for a larger quantity of this premium product at the lowest price possible, we offer Rainbow Fritz in 14 grams of our Blendz shake.

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