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City Compassionate Caregivers Now Offering Snoop’s Premium Products

City Compassionate Caregivers is extremely excited to announce that we now offer Snoop’s Premium Products for sale at our Los Angeles dispensary. Snoop’s Premium Products are a new, high-end cannabis brand offering some of the finest quality packaged cannabis on the Los Angeles market.

What Makes Snoop’s Premium Products So Special?

Snoop’s Premium Products are a unique collaboration between Dutch cannabis growers The Cure Company and Snoop Dogg’s line of Snoop’s Premium Nutrients products. Snoop Dogg wanted to create products of insanely high quality by connecting scientists around the world to develop growing solutions that would result in potent, high-yield bud.

Snoops Premium Nutrients

Grown in Holland with his own blend of Snoop’s Premium Nutrients, Snoop Dogg utilized the curing process of The Cure Company to produce beautiful, jarred marijuana that feels as great as it looks. With the power of Snoop’s Premium Nutrients, each bud is packed to the brim with terpenes that give every hit an added layer of effectiveness.

What Are Snoop’s Premium Nutrients?

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients were developed by Snoop Dogg to up the game at every stage of the cannabis growing process. In gathering some of the greatest cannabis minds to apply themselves to this goal, Snoop manifested a suite of products that tackle each phase of cannabis agriculture and vastly improve yield and caliber of bud.

In all, there are seven special blends of nutrients to be applied to every step in the plant’s development. Snoop’s Premium Products, however, have already been grown and packaged utilizing Snoop’s Premium Nutrients to their full potential, ensuring the excellence of each item.

Collaborating With the Best

Snoop’s Premium Products have teamed up with The Cure Company, a team based in the Netherlands that specializes in delivering the best curing results for top quality products.

The Cure Company has collaborated with premium cannabis outlets from around the world to create luxury marijuana consumables that exude potency. In the process of preparing marijuana for sale, curing is one of the most important steps in ensuring the bud is in grade-A condition. Snoop has recruited the very best to cover this vital aspect of the cannabis growing procedure.

A Strain for Every Occasion

Snoop’s Premium Products come in six different strains, selected and smoked by Snoop Dogg himself. Choose between OG Kush, Mandarin Cookies, Gelato, and Glazed Apricot Gelato, among others.

The Cure Company

OG Kush is a hybrid of uncertain origin promising a high that will embrace your entire body. This popular West Coast strain features an earthy scent with citrusy undertones and a noticeably smooth smoke. This is a go-to strain for stress relief, and you’ll instantly feel the quality of Snoop’s Premium Nutrients in your relaxing high.

Mandarin Cookies is another citrus-oriented strain, although OG Kush features more of a lemony scent than the orange aftertaste you’ll experience when lighting up this bud. As a heavily sativa-dominant hybrid, this is a great smoke for outdoor activities and passing around the bong with friends.

The Cure Company Gelato

One of the more intriguing strains featured in the Snoop’s Premium Products lineup, Gelato is a hybrid that packs a punch owing to its high-THC lineage of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies. You’ll feel more at ease and energized in the mind than ever before with this curious cannabis. Glazed Apricot Gelato, meanwhile, takes this strain a step further by crossing it with Legend Orange Apricot to bring forth an even stranger brew—try this one if you’re interested in a mindblowing, creative high.

Why wait? Check out the City Compassionate Caregivers website today to see all of the products that we have available to offer, including Snoop’s Premium Products. Our menu is fully available online for your viewing pleasure. Try us out today, and let your friends know where in Los Angeles they can get their hands on Snoop’s own high-quality stash!