The Complete Guide To Buying STIIIZY At City Compassionate Caregivers

The Complete Guide To Buying STIIIZY At City Compassionate Caregivers

STIIIZY is one of the most consistently popular brands that we carry at City Compassionate Caregivers. Customers regularly come back to purchase their products because they stay consistent, and we never run out. Their large array of products, strains, and merchandise are part of what has turned them into a full-on lifestyle brand. We’re proud to carry almost their full product line at our dispensary in the heart of Los Angeles’ Arts District.

City Compassionate Caregivers is your source for the newest products and the freshest drops from STIIIZY. We’ve put together the complete guide to buying their flower, concentrates, pods, and pre-rolls to make it easier the next time you order online or visit our dispensary.


STIIIZY is a cannabis brand based out of California whose three I’s stand for “Influence, Inspire, and Innovate.” They originally made a name for themselves by being one of the first brands in the industry to specialize in vape pens. What sets this brand apart from the large competition of vape-based brands is their proprietary pod system. The brand’s personally developed battery + pod system and fashionable merchandise line has gained a cult-like following; launching STIIIZY into a leading lifestyle brand in cannabis.

Beyond vapes and clothing, STIIIZY is a completely vertically integrated company that grows their own flower in-house that they sell in 8ths, pre-rolls, and extract into their dabs and vapes. They also have a fully functioning retail arm with STIIIZY brand dispensaries all over California.

In the last few years, STIIIZY has expanded from just a cannabis company into a multi-state cannabis lifestyle movement. Today, you can find STIIIZY products available in Nevada, Michigan, Arizona, Washington State, and their home of California.


The STIIIZY batteries are easy to use, discreet devices that complement the brand’s high-quality pods. The proprietary system ensures that the experience you get from STIIIZY batteries won’t be replicated by other brands. This makes the act of using one that much more memorable. STIIIZY has several batteries to choose from, including:

STIIIZY Battery– A rechargeable premium vape device that compliments the STIIIZY Pods and comes in countless color variations for customization. We currently carry their Original battery Starter Kit in gold, red, rose gold, and more. You can also pick up their portable power case that charges the Original battery on-the-go.

BIIIG STIIIZY Battery– A rechargeable premium vape device with more power and longer battery life.

LIIIL Disposable– A discreet, disposable vape device perfect for the on-the-go smoker. Check CCC’s menu for the most current LIIIL disposables that we carry. We often carry strains like Biscotti, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purp from them in disposables.


The infamous STIIIZY Pods perfectly complement the brand’s batteries. They have three product lines of pods, all catered to the different preferences of cannabis lovers. Each product line is available in .5 and 1G sizes. City Compassionate Caregivers currently carries their Original and Gold lines of cartridges.


The OG STIIIZY Pods contain botanically derived terpenes. These pods offer a balanced taste and smell with consistently high-THC distillate every time. Some of the most popular strains we carry in STIIIZY’s Original Pods are Granddaddy Purp, Birthday Cake, Biscotti, and Blue Burst.


Named after their beautiful amber color, the Gold pods are live resin cartridges. The live resin is extracted from fresh-frozen cannabis plants. These pods are seasonal and made in small batches. Right now, CCC carries their Jack Herer Live Resin .5G Pod that’s bursting with the classic spicy, piney flavors this strain is legendary for. The high from STIIIZY’s Jack Herer Live Resin Pod might be energizing and blissful at the same time.


LIIIT – Premium Eighths & Prerolls

STIIIZY’s premium indoor flower is hand-selected and bursting with flavor, potency, and purity. The brand has a wide array of strains on the market that customers have been consistently coming back for.  STIIIZY flower is grown in the brand’s state-of-the-art facility. You can purchase their flower in premium eighths, .5g & 1g joints, and live resin-infused pre-rolls.

At City Compassionate Caregivers, we currently carry STIIIZY’s Rainbow Kush, Animal Face, and Sour Apple in eighths. For prerolls, our customers love their Juicy Melon, White Raspberry, and Space Glue prerolls. Each of these strains boast unique flavors you can’t find from other brands in California. Their Rainbow Kush has been especially popular for its spicy-sweet flavors and potentially creative highs.


The last stop in your STIIIZY brand guide is the extracts. They have a wide array of concentrates that suit any dabber whether they’re new or seasoned. By handling all their cultivation and extraction in-house, STIIIZY’s concentrates stand out for their immense flavor and affordable pricing considering their quality. Check out CCC’s menu to find STIIIZY’s latest Curated Live Resin, Live Rosin, Badder, Live Resin Diamonds, and Live Rosin Jam drops.

Currently, we carry several of their Curated Live Resin concentrates. This line captures the true essence of the plant they extract from. Using fresh-frozen flower, they’re able to preseve the full spectrum of cannabinoids and flavor. Customers have currently been picking up their Blueberry Muffin, Rainbow Mintz, Snow Cone, and Sugar Cookies Curated Live Resins. The flavor and potentially long-lasting effects you get from these extracts for the price is unbeatable if you’re shopping in Downtown LA.

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