The Complete Guide To Vape Products At City Compassionate Caregivers

The Complete Guide To Vape Products At City Compassionate Caregivers

With more cannabis brands than ever trying out new, innovative ways for consumers to enjoy the plant, there’s a virtually unlimited amount of options for products to choose from. One product category that has grown significantly in popularity within the cannabis industry is vaping. At City Compassionate Caregivers, we’re seeing customers reach more and more for high-quality vape products.

Vaporizers offer a subtle method of smoking that is perfect for the on-the-go consumer. These devices are discreet in that they don’t produce the loud smell that is normally associated with cannabis. Hitting a vape can often be less harsh on your throat and lungs than burning cannabis flower as well.

More and more people are using vaporizers, but how do you know which device is best for you? At City Compassionate Caregivers, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of the industry and the products that come with it. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of things to consider when purchasing your vaporizer, as well as the best vape products you can find at CCC.

What Experience Are You Looking For?

The first thing to consider when shopping around to find the right vape products is what kind of experience are you looking to have. Are you seeking something to take small puffs on throughout the day to potentially offer balance, anxiety, and pain relief? Or are you trying to max out your potency and terps for the most full-spectrum and potentially long-lasting high possible? Do you mind botanically-derived terpenes or do you prefer cannabis-derived? Once you identify your needs, you can take a look at the type of oil inside the products and the strain the oil is extracted from. Alternatively, simply ask a CCC budtender to point you in the right direction.

You should also consider the devices themselves, rather than just the cartridges when catering to a specific experience. If you want more control over the quality of smoke, choose a battery that offers multiple heat settings. If you want more control over your high, choose a device like PAX that has a 3rd party app for complete control over your vaping temperatures. We have over 20 different vape batteries to choose from currently on our menu.

The Oil

The contents of vaporizers and the methods in which they have extracted them impact what kind of experience you may have. Distillate, Live Resin, Cured Resin, and Rosin cartridges are all great options, but they vary in potency. In other words, you may feel the relaxing effects of cannabis with each type, but the degrees of relaxation may vary, as well as the duration of the highs.

Live resin vape cartridges like the Plug Play Exotics Pods are a popular option among dab-lovers. These types of concentrates preserve the natural cannabis flavors and cannabinoids. Live resin is considered to be one of the best concentrates on the market because it uses fresh-frozen flower and butane or propane as a solvent to retain higher cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Another type of extract is Distillate. Most cartridges like STIIIZY’s Classic Pods come with distillate and botanically-derived terpenes. Many customers love these for their stronger flavors and high-THC distillate. There are other distillate cartridges with cannabis-derived terpenes from Buddies Brand. Many believe that keeping all of the ingredients in a vape product cannabis-derived may produce a more strain-specific high. Buddies brand’s process contains 100% cannabis-derived terpenes so your cart tastes and represents the same profiles as the flower it came from. CCC carries all of these options for vape products to our customers at our dispensary in LA’s Arts District.

Product Recommendations


When it comes to distillate cartridges with botanically-derived terpenes, our customers love and trust STIIIZY. Their sleek batteries come in countless color variations and hold long charges and produce big clouds. Their Original STIIIZY Pod comes with undeniably pure and potent distillate oil that is blended with botanical terpenes to mimic popular strains like Granddaddy Purp, Biscotti, and Birthday Cake.

The Complete Guide To Buying STIIIZY At City Compassionate Caregivers

Live Resin

In addition to Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes cartridges, Buddies Brand supplies CCC with the best live resin cartridges in 510 thread and PAX Pods. Their Liquid Diamonds Live Resin carts come in full grams and contain only the freshest, most potent, and flavorful live resin. Always single-source, Buddies Brand goes the extra mile to produce these high terpene carts that list the dominant terpenes on the box. Our customers currently love their Kush Mints Liquid Diamonds Live Resin PAX Pod, Vanilla Frosting, and Legend OG x Watermelon Zkittlez Liquid Diamonds Live Resin 510 thread carts.


Rosin doesn’t use a solvent to produce delicious flavors and high cannabinoid levels. By creating bubble hash, and then applying heat and pressure, you get delicious rosin without harmful solvents. Currently, Enjoyable produces a rosin-infused cartridge that will give you a whirlwind of flavor. We presently carry their 1G Blueberry, XJ-13, and Enjoyable OG Rosin Infused Cartridges for $45 before tax.

The Complete Guide To Vape Products At City Compassionate Caregivers


City Compassionate Caregivers has a healthy supply of disposable vape products. Our customers regularly pick up these discreet devices that they can enjoy without needing to recharge. There are several options for both distillate and live resin oil in the disposables we carry. For distillate, Heavy Hitters’ Ultra Potent GSC 0.3g All In One has been an easy choice for our clientele lately. They go for Heavy Hitters because their disposable vapes rip! This GSC All In One also only contains cannabis-derived terpenes and high potency distillate.

For reliable live resin disposable vape products, Connected Cannabis Co’s disposables can’t be beaten. For $55 before tax, you get a half gram of their Lemonatti Live Resin in one of the sleekest disposable vapes you can find in California. Not to mention, their Lemonatti strain is sinfully delicious with notes of citrus gas with a pleasant spicy, funky, and floral twist. This might become your new favorite heady sativa strain.

The Complete Guide To Buying Connected Cannabis Co At City Compassionate Caregivers

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